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Home cleaning


Innovative, efficient and agile system, which through equipment, methodologies and strict supervision, ensure a result and quality above average.
You can choose the period you want for regular cleaning of your house: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or whatever you wish.

Property cleaning

We do the complete cleaning with effective hygiene to enter or leave a property, using its own products and equipment, which guarantee greater comfort and safety.

After party cleaning


Leave your environment in perfect condition after holding a party or event. We leave clean the halls, bathrooms, kitchens, tables, chairs and outdoor areas, with cleaning options before, during and after the party so you make the most of the special moment without worrying about cleanliness.

Post-Reno cleaning


The end result of a construction or renovation is seen through the details, so our after-work cleaning team stands ready to leave your new and bright space.
Enter your new home or business without any dust, grease, cement or any trace of the renovation.


Additional Services

Glasses and Windows


Whether it's in your home, office or in your store, glass cleaning is an essential requirement for the comfort of your environment, as well as the image of your establishment.

Inside Cabinetry 

We clean and organize the kitchen cabinet or dining room.


Laundry service


You can request a laundry service whenever you need to wash clothes, curtains, duvets, coats, etc.
The pieces will be handled in the laundry room and delivered, cleaned and perfumed, on the next cleaning or agreed date.
Make sure this service is available in your region.
We also have clothes in your house or not.


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